Noisy neighbours?

Is your mental & physical health being affected?

Do you get that knotted feeling in your stomach when the noise starts?

Are you feeling anger at your neighbours?

Are you regretting buying your beautiful home?

We can help you!

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At Serenity Acoustics we have been working with acoustic treatment and soundproofing since the mid 1980s designing and building recording studios and facilities around the world.


As all members of our team have suffered the anxiety and hell of having noisy neighbours, we now  work entirely in preventing it. Not just satisfying Building Regulations, but eradicating real-world noises from your real-world noisy neighbours.

Barking dogs • Footsteps • Music • Shouting • Banging • Washing machines • Holiday lets


So, how can we help?

There are three crucial phases to physically curing your noisy neighbour issues: analysis, planning and construction.

We have developed a very effective way of doing just this and have divided it into the following essential packages. 

Option 1

Measurement Analysis & Report Pack

Option 2

Measurement Analysis & Report
Detailed Planning Pack

Option 3

Measurement Analysis & Report
Detailed Planning

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