Who Are We?

Highly experienced acoustic designers & engineers specialising in reducing/eliminating the distress from noisy neighbours.

Our Story

We've been working with sound isolation and noise reduction since 1997. Initially our work was in building recording studios for numerous clients. Our extensive BBC work has enabled us to achieve extremely high standards and effectiveness in sound insulation.

This we have now put into practice for the growing world of noisy neighbours, particularly as a result of the increase in very short-term holiday lettings.

We know that dealing with noisy neighbours can be very difficult and distressing and it can get pretty stressful, but we're here to take the load off your shoulders. We are sympathetic to what you are going through and with our years of experience, we really can help!

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Pete Nash


Our primary team of specialist acoustic designers, installed and craftspeople 

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Antony Griffiths
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Nick Medcroft