I can't stand the drums!

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... kid with a new drum kit!

Helen Davies

Helen Davies

I live in a terrace house and my neighbours to my right bought their son a drum kit last Christmas.

Well, to say its been awful since is an understatement. I hear everything and its been driving me to despair throughout lockdown. He plays late into the evening and I did have a confrontation over t it. They started quoting 'wake' and 'sleep' times to me, but basically seemed to enjoy winding me up over it. It wasn't fair and I had this sick feeling every time I saw their son come home - I knew it was going to be noisy.

So I got in touch with Serenity in June, filled out their online form and got a really nice reply hours later. I bought their middle option an had the acoustic soundproofing done by my favourite builder. He said the plans the guys at Serenity Acoustics provided were brilliant and made it a breeze!

More importantly to me, the difference is incredible. I can hear the drums only when both our windows are open, but once closed is shut out completely.

Thank goodness I went for it as I wasn't going to be ale to last much longer!