Noisy neighbours above

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... stamping and jumping about.

Paul Michaels

Paul Michaels

My neighbours in the flat above decided to remove the carpet to expose their old wooden floorboards... great for them, awful for me!

It was tolerable for a while, but then the bloke started working nightshifts and began stamping about at 3am with the radio on, slamming the doors when he left for work. Then, during lockdown, he started working from home - at nights - arghhhh!

After a few months of this, I spoke to him and he said he try and keep it down, but nothing really changed...

I got hold of the guys at Serenity Acoustics and they came round, did a load of tests and showed me EXACTLY what the footsteps, music and talking looked like on a colourful graph - it was amazing, I could 'see' every footstep!. They used this to draw up a very detailed plan which was very clear and I got a local builder to do the actual work.

It has been really great, honestly I couldn't have taken it any longer. I'm so grateful for the help the Serenity guys gave, not just the testing and report writing and plans, but the moral help which gave me strength to do something about it!