Some of the most common questions we get...

Serenity Acoustics' experience of noisy neighbours.

Have YOU experienced noisy neighbours?

I'm wondering if any of your team have actually had to go through the hell of noisy neighbours?

Relief from noisy neighbours

How long does the whole process take?

The noise from my neighbours is now at a critical point. How long will it take to get an assessment? And how long will the construction take?

Microphone recording audio for noisy neighbour analysis

Measurements and analysis...

How do you actually do the measurement and analysis?

Electrical work in reducing noise from neighbours.

What about electric light fittings?

I have some rather beautiful (and expensive) pendant lights currently on my ceiling. Will these be incorporated in the acoustic redesign?

Experience in reducing noise from neighbours

What experience do you have?

How much expereince do you have in homes?

Relief from noisy neighbours - no mess

Will the works be really messy?

How much mess will I be left with one the construction is complete?