Measurements and analysis...


How do you actually do the measurement and analysis?

Measurements and analysis...


After the initial questionnaire (from this website), and further discussion over the phone/email. We arrange to come and do the measurements. Normally this is in person as we bring equipment with us.

Our acoustic engineer will arrive at your home and take a number of physical dimensions of the rooms affected, and examine any crevices and holes if they exist. They may temporarily remove a light fitting to put an endoscope camera into the ceiling void to see whats in there, if anything.

Once this is done, the equipment is set up. It's quite small and consists of a recording device with a pair of special microphones. Also a very accurate room analysis mic is setup along with one or more 'contact' mics that may be attached to your ceiling. Its a bit like an ECG for noisy neighbours!

It may be enough if the noise is happening right then, but most likely we will leave to equipment in place, recording overnight to pick up sounds, and possibly over a weekend.

We then take it all away again and the analysis begins back here in our facility. The reports then written up in great detail with graphs and charts showing just what the noise is in quantifiable terms.