Washing machine noise from my neighbour!

Its Saturday morning, 07:50 and the regular vibrations have begun again from my neighbour's washing machine. He lives above me, is a very nice old fella, and I'm sure he has no idea of the noise it causes!

In the scheme of things, its not the worst of the noises; that comes from his continuously barking dog and the fact he stumbles and falls... being a wooden structure of his floor/my ceiling, makes for a very good transmission of sound. Effectively my ceiling a a 'speaker' amplifying his noises!

What to do about it? Well this is why Im currently seeing up Serenity Acoustics. When there is nothing to be done verbally (I can't stop him washing his clothes!), then I have to do something for which I have a particular set of skills...

... sound proof!

Today I shall be testing out my new microphone I built myself - its intended to capture vibration noises through the ceiling so that I can quantify them.

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