The Process

If you're interested in how the process works, here are the various stages...

1. Information Gathering

Gathering the information we need to make quantifiable analysis of your neighbours' noise.

Gathering information on your noisy neighbours

3. Analysing

Forensic analysis of the audio collected.

Analysing the noise from your noisy neighbours

5. Planning

Sound-proofing plan for your own professional builder or 'DIY' package.

Planning the soundproofing necessary to prevent noise from your neighbours

2. Measuring & Recording

Recording the acoustics of the affected rooms.

Recording the noise levels from your neighbours

4. Reporting

In-depth reporting for you to use to show your neighbours.

Producing a report on the noise from your neighbours

6. Construction

Constructing the sound-proofing for you.

Constructing the soundproofing against your noisy neighbours